Latest DaVinci DM37x Video Processor (TI)

Texas Instruments (TI) today announced the availability of the latest DaVinciTM DM37x video processor to help hardware and software engineers easily design more rich media and portable applications. The DM3730 and DM3725 use the ARM® CortexTM-A8 and C64x+TM DSP cores to integrate an image and video accelerator (IVA), a 3D graphics processor (DM3730 only), and a high-performance peripheral (USB 2.0, on a single system-on-a-chip (SOC). SD/MMC) is ideal for HD video processing or large-scale data processing applications. These applications include navigation systems, media players, medical patient monitoring devices, industrial measurement test equipment, industrial vision, and portable communications.

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The DM37x processor is software compatible with the OMAP35x family of processors and is pin-for-pin compatible with the SitaraTM AM37x device, making it easy to upgrade your product to higher performance options. The difference between the DM3730 and the DM3725 is that the DM3725 does not have a 3D graphics accelerator. Customers upgrading from the OMAP3530 to the DM3730 can achieve 50% better ARM performance and 40% better DSP performance and 2x graphics performance with a sharp 40% power reduction.

800MHz C64x+TM DSP and hardware video accelerator for ARM processor-independent audio and HD 720p video decoding and encoding (with audio and video codecs) for further expansion on ARM, running more advanced applications and support A variety of responsive 2D or 3D graphical user interfaces for applications such as industrial personal digital assistants (PDAs).

The DSP engine is programmable to support multiple general signal processing tasks such as digital filtering, mathematical functions, and image processing and analysis. For example, in industrial applications that use cameras, the DSP can run edge detection algorithms on the video output from the camera to detect that some people or objects are not in the picture.

TI provides developers with a complete software development kit (SDK) that minimizes development costs and speeds time-to-market, and includes all the components developers need to evaluate their products and start development work in just a few minutes. The DM3730 evaluation board (EVM) starts development.

Key features and benefits of the DM3730:

Main characteristics


The DM3730 and DM3725 are not only pin-compatible, software-compatible, but also compatible with the SitaraTM AM3715 and AM3703 processors. Each device is configured to operate in multiple operating points that support low power or high performance modes;

Offering a wide range of price, features and power options to meet a variety of end product needs based on a one-time hardware and software investment;

TMS 800MHz up of 320C 64x+ DSP supports 720p 30 frames per second (fps) HD video encoding and decoding;

High-intensity signal analysis, processing, and seamless HD video decoding for multimedia applications;

DM3730 includes a graphics accelerator PowerVR 200MHz, supports OpenGL ES 2.0, can render 20 million polygons per second, and with advanced display subsystem;

Enables developers to create user interfaces that support great 3D graphics navigation for true-to-life results;

Compared to the OMAP3530 , the LPDDR controller improves performance by 20% and the L1 cache by 100% (increased memory bandwidth).

Improve multiprocessor performance and reduce latency.  

Software and support customers can immediately start development of their designs with the TMDXEVM3730 EVM, which includes TI's Bluetooth WiFi module, to help simplify development. The SDK includes the Linux kernel 2.6.332 board support package with graphical user interfaces, graphics, applications, demos, and development utilities. In addition, the SDK provides a royalty-free library of DSP-optimized signal processing algorithms that are directly accessible from ARM processors through a variety of easy-to-use application programming interfaces (APIs). The DSP library contains more than 80 algorithms, including multimedia decoders and encoders, mathematical functions, digital filtering (including Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), etc.) and image processing (including image filtering and analysis).

Linux and Android operating system support is currently available. Windows CETM support will also be available in Q4 2010.

Pricing and Availability Customers can download the DM3730 software start-up design for use on the DM3730 evaluation board. The TMDXEVM3730 can be ordered through TI. In addition, customers can also develop with the BeagleBoard-xM, which uses the DM3730's low-cost open-source community board to be ordered via Digi-Key.

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