Completely remodeling Remix MiniPC to watch live TV, pro test available

Remix Mini PC is a MiniPC developed by Techtech. It is small in size and equipped with independent research and development of Remix OS system. Of course, this is also an Android system modification. All Remix Minis also support Android programs. The power of this MiniPC lies in its ability to work with external keyboards and mice, work files, TV software, external monitors, or TVs (as long as the HDMI interface is available) to watch TV.
Here to teach you how to watch TV with Remix MiniPC:
1. Open Remix Mini, click (requires mouse) the "Technique" icon in the lower left corner, and then click "Settings";

2. Click on the "System Upgrade" function in the lower left corner of the Settings menu.

3, pop-up system upgrade interface, automatic upgrade is like, here I have been upgraded to show the latest version;

4, after the upgrade system will restart, enter the desktop will appear directly a sofa application market icon;

5, open the sofa butler, this is a very powerful application market, application is very rich. Note that if you want to watch live TV on Remix Mini, open it in the sofa application market: list, software rankings, TV Essentials;

6. Turn on TV 2.0, you can see a lot of video applications, including live applications.

7, smoothly use Remix Mini to watch live!

More smart TV / TV box information, please pay attention to the sofa network () or subscribe to the sofa butler headline number.

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