Panasonic TV U8500C Series Installs Sofa Butler for Free Watching Live Movies

Panasonic TV U8500C series through the U disk installation sofa butler application market, see the way to watch live VIP movies for free to share.

Installation process 1 download the sofa butler APK to U disk → 2U disk to connect the TV USB interface → 3 security to open the U disk to select music, continuous press the OK key → 4 to open the U disk sofa butler installation

first step:
Baidu search for "sofa manager" into the sofa network, download the sofa butler package; or directly click the link ( to download the sofa butler package. Copy the downloaded apk installation package to the U disk.

The second step:
The recently installed Panasonic TV has blocked the installation of the APK. When the file management is clicked to install, there is a prompt to prohibit installation. Therefore, we first do the lifting of the ban: Press the remote control menu - Settings - Image - Backlight - OK, in the progress bar state, press the "Up button" 6 times, you can unlock the ban.

third step:
Open the Panasonic TV U8500C file browser, select the U disk in the sofa housekeeper, confirm the installation.

the fourth step:
Open the already installed sofa butler TV application market, through the sofa butler you can download Panasonic TV U8500C series for free micro live, HDP live to watch the national TV station, download pudding video, iqiyi TV and other applications to see the latest movies and TV shows , And no advertising Oh! Of course, the sofa butler covers all of the country's TV applications. You can download other applications that you need.

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