LED indoor application market launches Yayi Lighting to launch advanced layout

From the birth to the present, the rapid development of technology development and application fields is dazzling, although there are still problems in the indoor lighting, such as insufficient technology maturity, high sales prices, insufficient market acceptance, etc. International semiconductor lighting manufacturers have entered this "blue ocean market". Under this circumstance, some forward-looking Chinese LED companies have begun to work on product design, technology research and development, market cultivation, etc., and really set foot to explore the development path of LED indoor lighting industry.

In recent years, the development of LED technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, especially the emergence of high-power LEDs, which has accelerated the process of replacing traditional lighting sources with LEDs. Currently, the industry generally believes that LEDs will cut into the main light source market for indoor lighting in the future. According to the statistics of StrategiesUnlimited, the development of LED indoor lighting will show an exponential growth trend in the next five years. By 2011, its output value will reach tens of billions of US dollars. Therefore, LED indoor lighting is a very huge market, and the development prospects are beyond doubt. Faced with such a huge market opportunity, some domestic enterprises have gradually paid attention to the huge market of indoor lighting, and began to take the lead in layout.

"Indoor lighting is the most suitable market space for LED development in the future." The reporter recently interviewed the domestic semiconductor lighting company "Guangdong Yayi Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.", the company's president Wu Wenfeng said: "Yayi Lighting" has been basically completed. In the industrial layout of the LED lighting market, the brand “Yiyi” was founded in 2000. At the beginning of the industrial development, “Yiyi” has been involved in the production of LED packaging, and is the OEM of the world famous optoelectronics company Avago. The supplier has extensive experience in LED manufacturing. With the development of LED technology, the improvement of light efficiency and the reduction of cost, LED has become a universal lighting source. “Yayi” has gradually invested its main business in the field of LED lighting. Since 2004, it has launched a series of LED landscape decorative lighting in China. After the lamps and lanterns, large-scale LED landscape lighting projects were applied in Shanghai, Guangdong, Fujian, Guangxi and other provinces and cities. They have participated in the construction of nearly 100 major landscape lighting projects and expanded the LED lighting business to Hong Kong, Macao and abroad. In 2008, “Yiyi” participated in the construction of the water cube diaphragm lighting landscape of the Olympic venues, and became the leading landscape lighting enterprise in China, creating a brilliant performance in the LED lighting market. At present, Yayi has focused on R&D and production. LED general lighting fixtures for incandescent and fluorescent lamps, and in 2009 officially introduced high-quality LED fluorescent lamps, ceiling lamps, bulbs and other products to the market. ”

However, the LED lighting market is not very mature at this stage. The standards of various manufacturers are different. The standards of national LED lighting fixtures have not yet been introduced, especially the application of LED lamps in indoor lighting. The requirements for LED light sources are high luminous efficiency and low thermal resistance. High color rendering, long life, low cost, integrated design, etc. This poses a huge challenge for LED companies that develop indoor lighting. In this regard, Wu Wenfeng, president of "Yayi Lighting", said that the market is still in the "hundred schools of thought", "Spring and Autumn Warring States" stage, and even some lighting products market has appeared overcapacity phenomenon, many companies unilaterally pursue products High brightness, neglecting the color rendering of LEDs, simple copying and plagiarism of product design, neglecting product technology patents, product homogenization competition is serious, so the industry will be shuffled in the next 3-5 years, at least Two-thirds of the companies will be eliminated.

At this stage, on the one hand, LEDs can already be used in many places instead of traditional light sources. On the other hand, due to the increasing awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, governments around the world have begun to restrict the use of energy-intensive and polluting incandescent products. For China, a big country in the production of incandescent lamps, the transformation of the industry is becoming more and more urgent. This will be China LED. The opportunity for enterprises to achieve industrial upgrading. The LED indoor lighting market should be regarded as a blue ocean market in the lighting industry. This market is objective and growing year by year. However, this market is just getting started, and it is still in the stage of technology guiding the market, so now it is not We should only pursue changes in quantity, blindly expand production scale, and carry out brand promotion in the case of immature products. If relevant enterprises want to become bigger and stronger, they need to make appropriate adjustments in the direction of technology development and management, and work hard in product design, technology research and development, market cultivation, etc., and seek cooperation in the industrial chain. In the early stage of industrial layout, this is the so-called "grinding the knife and cutting the firewood." So in the early stage of this market, "Yayi Lighting" believes that the current priority should be to find its own market positioning and focus on industrial design in lighting design. , easy maintenance design and functional design, strive to become a high-end LED light source system supplier in the industry, to introduce high-quality, high value-added products to the market to meet the growing market demand, so "Yayi Lighting" will Grasp this national policy and vigorously support, advocate the favorable opportunity of low-carbon economy, pre-plan, work hard, and realize the new transformation of business management.


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